HOWLAND – A Connecticut father and son were seriously injured Friday after hitting a moose on the interstate.

Michael Pelletier, 64, and his son, David, 31, of Enfield, Conn. suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries after crashing into the animal in a Ford F-250 pickup hauling a camper trailer.

Officials say they were traveling to Eagle Lake.

“The camper was just demolished,” Howland Fire Chief Josh McNally said about the 9:45 p.m. crash

Maine State Trooper Andrew Peirson said Pelletier struck the moose in the passing lane, causing the truck and camper to skid off the right-side of the interstate.

“The truck and trailer rolled several times,” Pierson said. “Both were completely destroyed.

McNally said passers-by were able to pull the two men from the wreckage. Three ambulances were required to aid patients, as the Pelletiers were the second vehicle to hit the animal.

Nanette Belanger, 54, of Lincoln was the first to hit the moose near mile 216 in the northbound lane. Pierson said Belanger was uninjured and her passenger suffered minor injures after colliding with the animal in her Hyundai sedan.

McNally said Howland was already responding to the initial crash when the Pelletiers hit the dead moose. Burlington Fire was asked to respond to the scene with a second set of extrication tools. Ultimately, that team was held at the Howland station while McNally’s team worked the crash. Lowell Ambulance was also asked to respond.

Pierson was assisted by Trooper Jordan Bragan. Bouchard’s Towing assisted with the clean-up.

The pick-up had to be left overnight as it was wedged into the trees and could not immediately be removed

(Originally Reported in the Lincoln News)

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