Editors Note: This article was published originally in the Lincoln News by Tony Hallett.

HOWLAND – Residents, as well as area businesses and organizations, continue to benefit from the continued growth of the local Volunteer Fire Department as it was recently named as an Emergency Response Training and Support Services and American Heart Associate training site.

The department, which recently began providing 24/7 ambulance coverage to the community and has improved fire response times through a partnership with the Passadumkeag Fire Department, now will be able to provide both CPR training in addition to training CPR instructors.

“Our goal is to provide as many people CPR training a possible at a low cost,” said Assistant Fire Chief Nick Rossignol, who is also Passadumkeag’s Fire Chief. “We can also train people to become CPR instructors.”

According to the ERTSS website, the group is responsible for providing “quality emergency response training programs and resources to meet initial and recertification needs of public safety and healthcare personnel.”

Fire Chief Josh McNally said the department has been able to offer some training in the past, under the umbrella of a separate organization. Now the services can be provided as its own entity.
“He (Rossignol) took that on as a project to make a training center here,” McNally said.

The chief said there would be much benefit to the community, as many companies and other organizations require employees to have first aid training. Some insurances also offer discounts if employees are first-aid and CPR certified.
“We plan to do outreach to the businesses,” McNally said. “In the spring, we are looking at putting public classes on.”



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