Most people by now are aware Angela Helms is stepping down from her role as EMS chief for the Howland EMS department. Angela has dedicated endless hours to the Howland EMS helping to build a great crew and reliable staff for our community over the years.

Howland Fire Department would like to thank Angela for her leadership and dedication to our community. Angela has helped create a service for our community that will only continue to grow and become stronger over time.

As we move forward, the Fire and EMS crew will operate together. We will train and respond as a single unit to guarantee the continued quality of service that our community has come to expect. Chief Josh McNally of Howland Fire was offered the position of EMS Chief and has accepted the role. Chief McNally will be joining fire and ems together overseeing all operations under one roof.

Both Fire and EMS will start cross training and combine our crews for better coverage under the leadership of one chief. As many are aware Chief McNally has an extensive background in EMS and holds a full-time position as a firefighter/paramedic. His expertise and willingness to continue and grow the emergency services for our community will help ensure a stable and unified emergency service department for the future.

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