ENFIELD – Firefighters from two area departments were able to stop a chimney fire from spreading Thursday, as they responded to a fourth fire in two weeks.
Howland and Lincoln departments were at the home of Clyde Tibbets, Sr., on 52 Lincoln Road after a report of a chimney fire at 8 p.m.
Howland Fire Chief Josh McNally said Tibbets was home at the time.
“The fire was contained to just the chimney, with no extension,” he said during a Monday interview.
As the winter season deepens, McNally said the danger of a fire increases, especially with the recent fluctuating temperatures.
“With the hot and the cold temperatures, you need to keep eyes on your chimney,” he said.
“It is probably a good idea to run a brush up through it,” he added, stating the special logs used to prevent chimney fires also work well.
Chimney cleaning and observation were not the only tips McNally gave during his conversation with the NEWS that can save a house and possibly lives. He also advised that people not burn unseasoned wood if possible and to keep dampers open, which will cause wood stoves to burn hotter.
“That will clean (the chimney) out,” he said.
If anyone has any questions about wood stove safety, or would like a chimney inspection, McNally said they can contact the Howland Fire Department.
“We do not charge for an inspection,” he said.

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