HOWLAND and ENFIELD – Local fire officials have deemed this year’s smoke detector blitz a successful one, though bad weather and multiple emergency calls prevented them from reaching every resident of Enfield.

On Sunday, firefighters volunteered their time to travel door to door in the neighboring town with representatives of the American Red Cross to install smoke detectors and talk about fire safety.

“It took a lot of time, because Enfield is really spread out,” Howland Fire Chief Josh McNally said Monday. “We had three ambulance calls at the same time we were doing it.”

Howland Fire and Ambulance responded to a total of 32 medical calls since last Tuesday.

Residents on the Dodlin Road, MoHawk Road and both North and South extensions of the Old County Road were visited. McNally said the department plans on covering the rest of Enfield and Passadumkeag next year.

“If anyone needs a detector installed, they can contact the station,” McNally said.

The phone number for the Howland Fire Department is (207) 732-7195.

The fire chief said he looks forward to the event every year, and that it is an invaluable tool in saving people, and their belongings, in the event of an emergency.

“It is a good opportunity to go to people’s homes and talk about fire safety, their escape plans and where they should have smoke detectors placed,” he said.

He said it also familiarizes him with the structures in town so he can better respond in the event of a fire.

“I will volunteer my time every year,” he said.

The event is part of a six-year plan to cover all of Howland’s coverage areas with smoke detectors. Once every community has been visited, McNally said the department will start over, revisiting each town again.

“It makes me sleep better at night knowing residents will be woken up in time in the event of a fire and I won’t have to go in and rescue them,” he said.

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